This game was created as a spinoff from our lives the past few years. Virus' have become such a common thing for each of us to talk about in normal daily conversation, so why not collect your own? Acquire a virus, infect your friends on social media, become a super spreader, gain access to limited mutated virus', the possibilities are endless! 

Each NFT from this Social Spreading Game has a personality all their own. Nurture and spread yours to see it mutate and become something even more infectious.

VirologyNFT is a project designed around building a community. Our project has found inspiration in current events and the type of communication needed to make a Non-Fungible Token project successful. Thriving NFT communities have people who do an incredible job of infecting those around them with a sense of positivity around a project.

We wanted to bring those themes into a fun characterization of the NFT ecosystem. Viruses are a topic on everyone's mind right now and are a perfect fit for the concepts we are trying to convey.

You may even learn about some viruses and their diseases along the way. We hope you enjoy the social experiment that this project is creating.

Virology NFT game